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With our quality range of lean-to carport structures and freestanding carports, Carport cape town is your first stop for keeping
your car protected and your outdoor space tidy.If you are looking for professional carports ceres services, contact us for a free quote.

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We specialize in the supply, installation, and repair of carports of all types. Whether you need a new carport in ceres for your home or business, or if you require repairs for an existing carport,carports cape town have you covered. Our team of experts is experienced in working with various carport and shade ports designs and materials, ensuring that we can meet your specific needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers, providing reliable and durable carport solutions from most common size carports - Single (3m x 6m) and Double Carports (6m x 6m) .

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Choose your carport materials

When choosing the material for your carport in ceres, consider factors like your budget, climate, intended use, and aesthetics. Additionally, check local building codes and regulations, as they may specify certain material requirements for carports in your area. Proper installation and maintenance are essential to ensure the longevity and functionality of your carport .Carport Capetown offers carports of all sizes throughout Western Cape. You can choose from a single, double or triple carport. A single carport is the smallest in size and is designed to accommodate one small vehicle. A double carport is designed to accommodate two vehicles and a triple car port is for three vehicles.

Metal and Steel Carports

Metal carports are popular due to their durability and low maintenance. Steel carports are strong and resistant to weather conditions, making them suitable for areas with heavy snow or strong winds. With many features available, there are endless ways to make your metal carport unique. Want to have full sides? Prefer just one side? How about partial walls? We have you covered! Want to keep the classic carport look? Want to have more of a residential look? No problem! We allow you to create whatever look you desire without compromising on the quality protection , contact our carport capetown team for all your carports today.

Aluminium Carport

An aluminium carport is the perfect solution for protecting your car and is a stylish addition to your home too. At Carport Capetown, all our aluminium carports are custom-made, so the price vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Feel free to contact our expert carports ceres team for a fully customised quote that perfectly meets your needs.If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy carport supplier in Cape Town, look no further than Carport Capetown. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced consultants, and let us help you create the perfect carport solution for your home or business.

Shade Cloth Carport

Shade cloths are pieces of fabric used to absorb harmful UV rays from the sun. Installations are a quick, cost-effective and attractive alternative to putting up a hard roof structure, with waterproof and non-waterproof netting options.hade cloth carports are also knows as shade netting carports or shadeports . The uses are infinite: Staff parking, Customer parking, Residential parking, at schools for playground shade cover, car dealerships, carwash bays, entertainment areas etc. We have worked in conjunction with developers and architects to provide an aesthetic solution to shade cover.

Wood Carports

Wood carports offer a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look. They can be stained or painted to match your home. However, wood requires more maintenance than metal, as it is susceptible to rot, termites, and other environmental factors. the wood. Whether you’re in need of reliable vehicle protection, an attractive outdoor addition, or both, our selection provides tailored solutions for your specific requirements. As you peruse our assortment, you’ll uncover the perfect wooden carport, enhancing your outdoor living experience and creating a practical, stylish space to cater to all your outdoor activities.

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if you are looking for the best place to store your vehicle give us a call, If you want value for money then consider using our Shade ports and Carports Ceres services. We can meet every need and expectation with pride! Click get quote for a free Quotation.

Carports Capetown - Choosing the right sized carport

Are you looking for a new place to store your vehicle such as a Carport in Capetown? Even after you’ve decided that a metal carport or shadnet carport is the best choice for storing your vehicle, you need to pick the perfect size.Carports are available in practically any custom configuration, but there are a few common widths based on the manufacturing methods and materials.Standard Single Vehicle, Double Wide Options, Sizing for Trucks and Oversized Vehicles, Commercial Storage Options, RV Height and Width Considerations.Read on for more insight on diferrent carports sizes

Single Carports Capetown


Get our single or double carports to protect your car from the harsh elements. We supply and install all varieties of carports.Contact the best carports capetown team today ,we are sure to meet your demands

Double Carports Capetown


Get our carports to protect your car from the harsh elements. We supply and install all varieties of carports in capetown. get 6x6 carport prices also.Our high quality Carport’s reach a maximum projection of 3.5m with a maximum width of 7m – perfect for fitting plenty of cars in! If you are in need of a double carport, contact the best carports capetown team to book for site visit

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From single to double solar panel carports, we supply and install commercial solar panel carports.

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Either free standing or fixed against the naturally strong wall of a house or garage, each Carport that we supply is further reinforced, thanks to its structurally simple yet effective supports. Each supporting column offers further reinforcement to the canopy roof. This ensures full protection is offered at all times. Carport Capetown is the best carports capetown contractor offer a number of different carport systems . Each system has different benefits and uses, and which one you will choose depends on the application you are using it for.


There are 3 important factors to take into consideration when measuring for a carport.Width, Projection and Height .

  • Width is the distance along the side of the wall.
  • Height is the overall height of the Carport structure.
  • Projection is the distance the CarPort spans from the supporting wall.

We offer Carports from widths as small as 1m up to widths of 7m. However this does not mean this is the largest width we can achieve. When purchasing larger carports for multiple cars, we are able to couple carports together to achieve any width.

When shopping for the ideal Carport, there is nothing worse than finding the perfect one only to realise that it’s restricted sizes will shorten the drive-through width of your driveway. Our Carport systems are available from projections as small as 1m, up to a maximum projection of 3.5m across. This allows for the perfect fit on wider driveways.If you are looking to do measurements for your carport in capetown , contact us the best carports capetown company to meet your demands

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Shadeports Carports Cape Town

Carport Cape Town is your one-stop solution for all your carport needs in the Cape Town. We offer a wide range of carport solutions to suit any budget, style, and requirement, and we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional customer service and quality workmanship.Our carports are suitable for private or commercial use. The construction method is unique; meaning that time on site is limited, and construction time very swift. Our workmen are all well trained and work as a unit, keeping inconvenience to the client as little as possible while on site. With the cost of a vehicle today, it makes sense to protect this valuable asset by installing a carport.


A Shade Port is a structural frame with a shade cloth material pulled over the frame. Shadeports are used to provide shade and sun protection for cars and parking lots or over playgrounds, pavilions, pools, water parks and any other outdoor gathering places.We manufacture, supply and erect Carports & Shadeports in Ceres our tried and tested experience in the Shadeport and Carport industry in Capetown allows us to produce top quality structures . We are equipped to design, supply and install standard and custom made structures for commercial, industrial, domestic, and agricultural requirements specializing in sun and hail protection in all the above applications. Contact us today at Carport Capetown and we create incredibly unique and custom Shadeport structures, while maintaining maximum functionality.


A Carport is a covered hard-roof structure used to protect your assets from the sun’s harmful UV rays and safe-guard your vehicles from harsh weather conditions, such as hail and storms.The automobile may be either parked directly under the carport or connected to it using a short covered track.Are you looking for a carport ceres installers? Look no further contact us ,we provide the best professional carports ceres installation services. Indeed, we have a variety of styles, sizes, and designs of carports and we also offer custom designs if you prefer. We also offer carport repair services. There are multiple material options available to customise the Carport to your design preference. We use different materials in these structures which include: Concealed box gutters, Aluminium or Chromadek beams, Aluminium columns and Colorbond roof sheets.

Outdoor Walkway Covers

A walkway cover is a great way to protect your outdoor walkway from sun, rain, dust and animals. In addition, it will also help keep your home cooler by protecting your home from the hot summer sun. With an easy installation, you can have a warmer winter with outdoor heating by being able to direct the harsh summer wind from outside under the cover. Carport Capetown services have completed thousands of installations throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas. If you are a homeowner or a proud property manager with a patio, balcony, driveway or any type of covered area that needs sunshade protection look no further than Carports Cape Town services in Cape Town, we specialize in all applications including commercial, industrial and domestic services.

Shade Sails

A Shade sail is a shade structure with a conventional ship sail design. Shade sails are used to block the sun's UV rays and add a beautiful, modern structure to your outdoor area. Shade Sails are quick to install and are available in a variety of designs and vibrant colours. Our Shade sails structures at carport capetown are ideal for patios, play areas, pools, picnic spots, camping areas and event shade coverings. We can also assist with custome shadesails in commercial settings to add modern branding and shade to outdoor malls or parking grounds.Restaurants and Entertainment Areas also benefit greatly from the shading provided by Sail Shades. Our sails can withstand some of the strongest winds that nature can throw at it and we have the best Carports capetown installers team!

We supply and install a wide range of top-quality awnings and drop blinds

Choose Shadeports & Shadnet Material

When choosing shadeports for your shade sails there are a few things to consider. One factor is durability, is this important to you? Are you looking for something lightweight? Are you looking for longevity? Are you looking for quality metal vs cheaper ones?

Netting Colours

Colours are to be used as a guide only, actual shades may vary

Chromadek Colours

Colours are to be used as a guide only, actual shades may vary

Our Shadeports & Carports Projects

To find out more about our services and work , see our past commercial, industral carports and shadeports ceres projects or contact us today. We offer free quotes to ensure you have access to all your potential services quickly and conveniently

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a more cost effective option than building a hard roof carport to protect your valuable mobile assets. It protects against the suns harmful UV rays, hail and rain if you take the waterproof netting option. They can be used in car parks, driveways, playgrounds, plant nurseries, restaurants etc. It does not normally require building plans, but we recommend checking with your local municipality.Are you look for the best carports capetown installers ? Contact our team at Carport Capetown and schedule a site visit.

The installation timeline is between 1 - 2 weeks and may vary depending on the size of the shade solution. Installation Phases: 1. Poles & Measurements - We measure up the structure and install the poles. 2. Infrastructure Build - We begin building the structure and putting all the materials together.

The shade fabrics are easy to clean and maintain. We recommend cleaning your shade product to ensure durability and longevity. The maintenance frequency will depend on the environment and weather conditions that the shade product is in.Are you look for the best carports capetown installers ? Contact our team at Carport Capetown and schedule a site visit.

Carports and Shadeports come with a variety of material options. We have cloth and aluminium/steel material options available. For our shadeports, we offer: Gavlanised steel, high-density polyethylene shade netting and HDPE nets. For our Carports we offer: Concealed box gutters, aluminium or Chromadek® beams, aluminium columns and Colorbond® roof sheets.Are you look for the best carports capetown installers ? Contact our team at Carport Capetown and schedule a site visit.

Shadeports are deemed a temporary structure, and do not normally require building plans. All municipalities have their own bylaws governing building regulations, so we do advise you contacting your local municipality to check what they say. We do normally recommend staying 1.5m off the building line just to play it safe.

Carports have a hard roof so are deemed a permanent structure. We recommend contacting your local municipality to find out whether just permission, or approved plans are required for your carport requirements.Are you look for the best carports capetown installers ? Contact our team at Carport Capetown and schedule a site visit.

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